My name is Carly. I am an adventurer and a learner. I have spent the last 7 years working as a veterinary nurse, and before that, I worked in sales at Petsmart. I have spent the last ten years working in the first field that came to me, and now I realize I am meant to do so much more.

My passion is nature, and I want to protect, be in, and share the beauty I love so much.

This is a blog about creating. Creating pictures, creating fun, creating a job that is in line with your passion, and creating life (not in the parental form).

You will also find it is about dogs. And travel. And food. And protecting the environment.

And craft beers.

But most of all, it is about finding my place.

See my first post to learn more about why I travel, and the series of events in my twenties (so far) that has made me who I am:



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