Just writing to write. An upkeep for my premature memoir. I have to tell you, I keep daydreaming. I am also worried about what I will do when school ends for 6 months. 6 months with no school. But I will be in Nicaragua for 2, Germany for a half. I’m watching Balto right now. The only class I will get in an A in is Spanish. Symbolic Logic is something crazy. Environmental Science is well-known, but I can’t seem to get good grades.

At work, I think of mountains and rivers, Nicaragua and fresh fruits, colorful houses and new places. Pienso siempre. It gets me through the day and puts a smile on my face. My favorite people have been in bad moods, I hope tomorrow is a little different. I am happy to make money at the least, but find myself rather bored. Or irritated because there is so much to do. There doesn’t seem to be any in between.

I seem to be not as mad as I was before. It scares me because I can’t be getting used to the 45 regime. I’ve been feeling pretty powerless, and I’ve been finding that I haven’t been taking any action as a result. Despite being super strapped on time this month, I hope to gain more knowledge in diversity and organizing, and hopefully successful strategies for change. Still going in circles: “what can I do, what can I do?!”

Last week was Human Rights week at Cascadia College. It’s exciting because it is another opportunity to learn, and I guess it is already included in the tuition you pay. There was interesting talks on a variety of topics that fly off the tips of everyones’ fingers on social media, and if you’re lucky, in real life. However, unlike last year, we had the pleasure of an art installation: Border Doors.

These border doors speak to decisions I can’t even imagine having to make. Decisions many people never have to make. These pieces of art bring another emotion to a topic that is tossed around in media and politics in the United States, as if the people struggling with the choice to move for a potential at a better life don’t exist. I feel privileged to be able to observe the doors on campus this week and last week, and I wish everyone had a chance to see things from another perspective, because in the end, everyone wants the same thing.





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