There Is No Skating Through School This Time


This quarter of school has presented me with more mental challenge than I have been faced with in a long time. My English and Global Studies class has forced me to use critical thinking skills and it has really opened the doors to new opportunities (as if I needed that). Intermediate algebra has me doing back work to understand the new concepts I am learning in the class – a sign I placed too high on my placement exam.

This is so much different than how I am used to passing classes. There is no memorization, it is complex concepts that I must rationalize and apprehend. To be honest, I always got good grades in school by not pushing myself too hard and taking the minimum to get by. The recognition is there, so it was a lot about doing the work and memorizing, which I am good at. It is going to be a lot harder to get on the honor roll this time around.

I love the challenge, but it is baffling how my efforts in one class (English) are seen as brilliant and grounded, and in another the teacher avoids my questions like the plague (don’t worry, my math teacher says I am getting it and that conscientious is key). The balance is good. I need a supportive teacher to remind me not to quit.

And boy does she have good advice. Today, she told me there isn’t a right decision when it comes to picking a major, just a decision. It was nice to have something I have debated in my head confirmed. She also thinks I have a good chance at a scholarship, so I am going to give it a shot!

Aside from ever time-consuming school, working, volunteering, and attempting to stay sane with an over-active mind, I was able to break away for the weekend. Tonya and I headed east to see what snow-camping was like and to see if we could get some vitamin D.


It was cold. And snow-camping quickly turned into car-camping.

But, it was also beautiful. It was refreshing to reconnect with an old friend that, up until late last year, I haven’t gotten the chance to hang out with a whole lot. It feels so right to breathe in the frigid air next to a hot fire; to gaze at the moon and it’s reflection in the river; and to slowly enjoy each and every daylight hour. Another bonus of winter: you almost always catch the sunrise and sunset.


Road trips are a nice reminder that you are only one door away from the outside. There is always something new to see, because you are always seeing it with different eyes, in a different time.

We stayed in Leavenworth the first night, then Vantage the second night.


I am still working on those metaphors… Some day I will find the time to write one each day.

The boys got their profile shots. And fancy treats. Liam was seriously interested in what kind of creature put these cages in the middle of the desert, and what they were hiding in them. Which, by the way, was petrified wood, in cages put there by the State of Washington.

Playing around with long exposure has been a new interest of mine. The fire pictures were roughly 1-5 seconds, and the cloud photograph below was 15 seconds I believe?



2 thoughts on “There Is No Skating Through School This Time

  1. How Beautiful! Your wise words inspire me. It’s never to late to learn something new, Science used to think that the brain quit learning at a certain age. Well research shows that is not true and our brains continue to learn and grow and build new neuro pathways throughout our life. It has plasticity to change and create “new”. Your adventures are a great way to be in the moment and a lifetime learner at the same time. I got a new fancy camera for Christmas. Guess it’s time to learn how to use it…

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